Our photographers work with different camera models and consequently with different negative formats. However, since every photographer arranges his pictures so that hardly anything of his composition can be changed by cropping, many photographs require a tailor-made publishing format. For these illustrated volumes, we have therefore not used any standardised finishing; every book has been given the matching format, corresponding layout and the necessary extent in order to give full rein to the photographic concept and present the photographs impressively yet "unadulterated". The selection of the right linen, an appropriate embossing and the dust-cover or sleeve complete the overall impression.


From Peak to Peak | Rudolf Rother

Rudolf Rother is a legend for many mountain climbers and alpinists because the native of Munich not only took over his father’s alpine publishing house (Bergv...

48.00 EUR

From Peak to Peak

The Alps in Panoramic View | Rudolf Rother

This photo book by Rudolf Rother is nothing less than a work of reference. Not only for the special photographic technique he used in order to create panoramas ...

98.00 EUR

The Alps in Panoramic View

New York Vertical | Horst Hamann

Horst Hamann's bestselling New York Vertical has become a national and international classic of photography. No one before him had used vertical panorama photog...

78.00 EUR

New York Vertical

Paris Vertical | Horst Hamann

Horst Hamann is quite familiar with Paris, since he lived there for a long time. Thus, his panorama images, which make consequent use of vertical composition, n...

78.00 EUR

Paris Vertical

India | Reiner Sahm

India is fascinating in many respects, and is rightly referred to as one of the most multifaceted countries in the world. It is not only the second most populou...

68.00 EUR


German Islands | Christian Bäck

The numerous German islands are a popular travel destination, and offer their visitors an amazing variety of beaches, nature preservation areas, untouched fores...

48.00 EUR

German Islands

Marketplaces of the World | Stefano Amantini, Massimo Borchi, Guido Cozzi

Marketplaces and their goods are as different as the cultures in which they have developed. In mediaeval times, they made a great contribution to the growth of ...

24.80 EUR

Marketplaces of the World

The Engadine | Markus Aebischer

The Engadine, the Swiss alpine valley in the south-eastern canton of Graubünden, is a fascinating region. It offers an unspoilt variety of flora and fauna, den...

48.00 EUR

The Engadine

Pina Bausch and the Tanztheater Wuppertal | Ursula Kaufmann

This book on the life and work of the world-famous choreographer and winner of the Kyoto Prize Pina Bausch is not only the most comprehensive documentation of h...

78.00 EUR

Pina Bausch and the Tanztheater Wuppertal

America | Horst Hamann

Horst uses colour like a painter. His images are redolent of Edward Hopper. Andreas Feininger Horst Hamann was born in 1958 in Mannheim. His photographic excur...

68.00 EUR


Absolute New York | Horst Hamann

Horst Hamann can be referred to without exaggeration as one of the few photographers worldwide who not only knows New York very well, but has now been followin...

98.00 EUR

Absolute New York

Afghanistan | Jaroslav Poncar

At the beginning of October 2010, Jaroslav Poncar received a commission from the Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung (CIM) (Centre for Interna...

49.80 EUR


Himalaya | Jaroslav Poncar

This book is Jaroslav Poncar’s ultimate illustrated volume documenting his extensive journeys in the highest chain of mountains on Earth, which he crossed fro...

78.00 EUR


La Habana/Cuba Special Edition | Michael Nischke

During several trips to Cuba Michael Nischke took outstanding panoramic photographs, portraying an authentic, complex im...

58.00 EUR

La Habana/Cuba Special Edition

Switzerland Panorama (Small Edition) | Markus Aebischer

This book presents the most beautiful sights of Switzerland, its landscapes, cities and regions in full-spread panoramic photographs introduced by a text descri...

14.95 EUR

Switzerland Panorama (Small Edition)

Switzerland Panorama | Markus Aebischer

This special edition presents a selection of the most beautiful photographs. The classically designed book equipped with exquisite materials reflect the un...

32.80 EUR

Switzerland Panorama

Heidelberg | Alexander Ehhalt

This special edition presents a selection of the most beautiful photographs. The classically designed book equipped with exquisite materials reflect the un...

32.80 EUR


Historic Cafés in Europe | Adonis Malamos

The photographer Adonis Malamos, himself the owner of a café, traveled for many years to thirteen countries in Europe to track down the most historic cafés an...

24.80 EUR

Historic Cafés in Europe

Unter Grund / Under Ground | Micha Pawlitzki

In many German cities subways or light rail systems are an important part of the transport infrastructure: they relieve inner-city traffic and traveling becomes...

48.00 EUR

Unter Grund / Under Ground

Bridges Of The World | Karl Lang

Bridges are often the result of a technical masterstroke – exact measurements and calculations are necessary to ensure that these constructions of the most di...

78.00 EUR

Bridges Of The World

The Finest European Cafés | Adonis Malamos

Many cafés and coffee houses combine two forms of art: the art of serving a good cup of coffee as well as offering space in which guests can spend an enjoyable...

39.90 EUR

The Finest European Cafés

Burma / Myanmar | Jaroslav Poncar

The Southeast Asian country has long been internationally isolated and difficult to access as a travel destination. In recent years, the country has been experi...

49.80 EUR

Burma / Myanmar

Angkor | Jaroslav Poncar

As part of the UNESCO World Heritage program for the preservation of Angkor, Jaroslav Poncar was in charge of the comprehensive photographic documentation of th...

49.80 EUR


Berlin Berlin | Thorsten Klapsch

Berlin has a moving story to tell: from Prussian Kings and monumental plans, from the Cold War and Socialist utopias, to destruction and reconstruction. The pho...

29.80 EUR

Berlin Berlin

Orchids | Micha Pawlitzki

The orchid is a small masterpiece of nature, with unmatched variety of shapes and colours. Sometimes exotic, sometimes sensual or of unusually splendid colour, ...

78.00 EUR


Tibet. Looking Back | Jaroslav Poncar

Jaroslav Poncar is one of the best-known Tibet photographers and experts on the complete Himalayan region. In 1985, he became the first European to travel acros...

78.00 EUR

Tibet. Looking Back

The Beauty of the Omo Valley | Ken Hermann

The lower valley of the Omo River in south-western Ethiopia is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site and one of the most beautiful regions of Africa. Known...

45.00 EUR

The Beauty of the Omo Valley

Bäume / Trees | Helmut Hirler

“Venerate the tree”, warned Alexander Freiherr von Humboldt, because trees are not only essential to the life of man or raw materials suppliers - they are u...

48.00 EUR

Bäume / Trees

Holy India | Amit Pasricha

Religiosity determines many facets of the complex society of India. It is however not practiced only in the temples, mosques, monasteries or churches intended f...

65.00 EUR

Holy India

My Africa | Timo Heiny

"Welcome, Timo, to the world of the ones who carry Africa in their heart for ever, and have dedicated their life to her. This is a stunning book, and Timo ...

68.00 EUR

My Africa

Monasteries in the Himalayas | Jaroslav Poncar

For 40 years, Jaroslav Poncar has been one of the most prominent experts on the entire Himalaya region. During his travels, he has repeatedly visited the most i...

48.00 EUR

Monasteries in the Himalayas

Patagonia in Panoramic View | Reiner Sahm

"The end of the world", as the region was called by Spanish conquerors in the 16th century, has always attracted adventurers, explorers, sailors and w...

48.00 EUR

Patagonia in Panoramic View

Lake Constance | Holger Spiering

Holger Spiering is regarded as one of the most important Lake Constance photographers and has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to his homeland. For ...

58.00 EUR

Lake Constance

The four Seasons on Lake Constance | Holger Spiering

Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Life on Lake Constance is defined by the seasons: magnificent bays, unique cities, idyllic islands, lofty castles, mysterious...

26.80 EUR

The four Seasons on Lake Constance

Apes like us | Jutta Hof & Volker Sommer

In evolutionary, biological terms, primates are our closest relatives. Much of their behaviour shows an uncanny resemblance to human characteristics. Their pron...

58.00 EUR

Apes like us

The Palace of the Republic | Thorsten Klapsch

The Palace of the Republic, which was also dubbed Erich’s lamp shop (Erich Honecker was the former leader  of the German Democratic Republic) b...

48.00 EUR

The Palace of the Republic

Tibet | Jaroslav Poncar

Jaroslav Poncar is considered to be the most notable Tibet photographer and one of the most familiar with the Himalayas. For this illustrated volume, he has sea...

348.00 EUR


German Castles | Wolfgang Mothes

Castles are cultural testaments to long bygone eras, which tell us a great deal about the way of life of the former residents. Our view of these imposing reside...

48.00 EUR

German Castles

Great Landscapes | Helmut Hirler

Helmut Hirler works with a 6 x 17 cm large-format panoramic camera using special infrared film stock. Hirler's unique landscape images of all the continents of ...

348.00 EUR

Great Landscapes

Halloween | Marie Préaud

In this unusual book, Marie Préaud has captured the spirit of the Halloween Festival, which was brought to the USA by Irish immigrants in the 19th century, and...

19.80 EUR


Switzerland Panorama | Markus Aebischer

Switzerland offers its visitors an incomparable panorama, which is characterised by imposing alpine landscapes, a huge range of natural environments and old tow...

48.00 EUR

Switzerland Panorama

Downtown | Horst Hamann

The term ‘downtown’ stands for the geographical and commercial centre of a US city. These inner-city districts have undergone radical change as a result of ...

78.00 EUR


Bavaria Panorama | Christian Bäck

The Free State of Bavaria in the southeast of Germany ist the biggest German state and offers a great variety of nature and culture. For this book, Christian B...

39.95 EUR

Bavaria Panorama

Patagonia | Markus Renner

For this book we have compiled the most beautiful photographs by South America specialist Markus Renner, which were taken on his many journeys through Patagonia...

48.00 EUR


The Berlin Wall | Armin Lindauer

Armin Lindauer spent years photographing the most interesting parts of the wall from former West Berlin. 20 years after its fall, the arrangement of these pictu...

19.80 EUR

The Berlin Wall

Seamotion | Herbert Böttcher

For his project "Seamotion" Herbert Böttcher travelled on two container vessels in 2004 on a seven week trip from Europe to Brazil, Singapore and Hon...

58.00 EUR


Circus Roncalli | Helga Pisters

Photographer Helga Pisters and Bernhard Paul, the founder of Circus Roncalli have been friends for several decades. Thus Pisters has covered the life in and aro...

39.00 EUR

Circus Roncalli

Bhutan | Harald N. Nestroy

Since 1987, photographer and diplomat Harald N. Nestroy has travelled twelve times to all regions of the Buddhist kingdom Bhutan. This is all the more remarkabl...

58.00 EUR


NYV / VNY Special Edition | Horst Hamann

This award-winning, limited special edition in a slipcase presents the two classics by Horst Hamann bound in fine cloth.New York Vertical168 pages with 66 full ...

85.00 EUR

NYV / VNY Special Edition

New York Vertical S | Horst Hamann

Horst Hamann's bestselling New York Vertical has become a national and international classic of photography. No one before him had used vertical panorama photog...

15.00 EUR

New York Vertical S