My Africa

Timo Heiny

"Welcome, Timo, to the world of the ones who carry Africa in their heart for ever, and have dedicated their life to her. This is a stunning book, and Timo Heiny a new bewitched witness of an endangered world." Kuki Gallmann

The East African Rift is one of the most beautiful and diverse regions of the continent. For years, photographer Timo Heiny has travelled along the Omo River in Ethiopia, across Lake Turkana and through Tsavo National Park in Kenya, all the way to the shores of the Indian Ocean. His photographs are unobtrusive, sensitive portraits, which are a personal testimony to his passion for Africa and its people. 

Size 30 x 40 cm
High-quality cloth bound with dust jacket
240 pages with more than 150 duotone photographs
With a foreword by Kuki Gallmann and a text by Timo Heiny in German and Englisch 

ISBN 978-3-89823-513-6  

68.00 EUR

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