Apes like us

Jutta Hof & Volker Sommer

In evolutionary, biological terms, primates are our closest relatives. Much of their behaviour shows an uncanny resemblance to human characteristics. Their pronounced social behaviour and the frequently observed ability of conscious adaptation to their environment to ensure day-to-day survival clearly show that this is often not a matter of instinct, but rather behaviour which is adapted through learning processes. This illustrated volume is devoted to the theoretical and photographic portrayal of the subject of primates and their culture. The pictures of Jutta Hof are the result of keen observation, and in the photographic approach to these intelligent forest dwellers show a sharp sensitivity for details. They are complemented by an informative and provocative essay by Volker Sommer, Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University College London and for many years one of the world’s leading researchers in this field. The portraits assembled here illustrate the smooth transitions in behaviour, physique and psyche between us and our fellow primates - and with it the wealth of a modern evolutionary, biological world view.

Size 31 x 25 cm
High-quality cloth bound with dust jacket
192 pages with 100 colour photographs
With extensive texts by Volker Sommer in German and English
Designed by Edition Panorama

ISBN 978-3-89823-435-1 

58.00 EUR

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