With our new serie we dare to release a new book-dimension with a format of 70 x 36 cm. Flipped open the books have a picture-largeness of 140 cm. Each book is the result of manual labour -  regarding the uncommon size a mechanical production would't be possible. Stability is gained by the book-case which is made of wood fibre. To assure a maximum security while transporting it the 6,5 kg heavy books are shipped in a very robust package.


Tibet | Jaroslav Poncar

Jaroslav Poncar is considered to be the most notable Tibet photographer and one of the most familiar with the Himalayas. For this illustrated volume, he has sea...

348.00 EUR


Great Landscapes | Helmut Hirler

Helmut Hirler works with a 6 x 17 cm large-format panoramic camera using special infrared film stock. Hirler's unique landscape images of all the continents of ...

348.00 EUR

Great Landscapes