Dear friends of EDITION PANORAMA,

in the past years our publishing house has grown continuously. We have not only broadened our programme distinctively, also the size of our books and calendars has increased constantly. Our old residence didn’t comply with the requirements anymore and was bursting out at the seams. For three years we thought, pondered, planned, financed and in between also doubted again and again. At last a new publishing office has emerged that accords exactly to our wishes and needs and even turned out a little more beautiful than we could have imagined. It’s only three houses down from our old office, located directly in the centre of Mannheim between churches, synagogue and mosque. Our architect was Prof. Beat Consoni from St. Gallen in Switzerland, who planned for and with us two beautiful exposed concrete buildings. The buildings consist of spacious offices with lots of room for spreading, a showroom of 170 m2 with a gallery, a small guest apartment for friends, three more office units and four apartments. In our showroom we will present exhibitions on a regular basis and we also finally have the possibility to display our books and calendars adequately. A small bistro with bar and in-house wines will follow, so a visit to our new publishing house will surely be worth your while; you are happily invited to come and see for yourself. 

Yours, Bernhard & Sebastian Wipfler